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Why am I so Tired?

Many of us, including those in the medical profession, rarely think of vitamin deficiency as a potential cause of lack of energy, tiredness and fatigue. Yet, such deficiencies have shown to be the possible causes of many common issues...

Fortunately, this does not have to be you. With Bullet Multivitamin Complete, key nutrients are restored quickly - allowing your body to heal and repair itself. Soon you begin to feel fully and naturally energized, filled with vitality and ready to take on any challenge. 

Bullet Multivitamin Complete is an all natural daily multivitamin manufactured in the USA. It contains a special blend of vitamins that is correctly balanced to the body's bio energy engine - which allows for quick absorption and a sustained replenishment of depleted energy levels due to fatigue.


Why Bullet Multivitamin?

Have you ever asked yourself, what's the purpose of taking a daily multivitamin? Is it providing you with results you can attest to - benefits you can see and feel. Or maybe it's just a daily ritual performed with no real evidence of actualized health benefits. If this sounds like you, then STOP wasting your money.

Bullet Multivitamin Complete is different. It's a COMPLETE broad spectrum daily multivitamin supplement that works with a difference you can see and feel. Why? Because Bullet Multivitamin "Complete" is packed with a specific ALL NATURAL blend of ingredients in the most potent proportions that is quickly absorbed into the body.

Not all vitamins are created equal - Many do not work. Yet most people continue their daily rituals in hopes they will. Bullet Multivitamin Complete Works!


Quick Benefits:

Boost in Energy - Feel stronger, more energized and vitalized

Reduced Fatigue - Feel what it's like to no longer be weary and tired constantly

Increased Mental Focus - Sharper mental acuity - Stay on task longer

Appetite Suppressant - Reduce your desire to eat constantly allowing you to lose weight.

Not An Energy Drink -  Bullet Multivitamin is NOT a temporary fix.

And Much more...

Bullet Multivitamin addresses core issue of deficiency and allows your body to repair itself.  

Stop Asking Why - Take control of your life and live fully energized!



1 month supply - best vitamins for fatigue


Bullet Multivitamin Complete

3 month supply - best vitamins for fatigue


Bullet Multivitamin Complete

6 month supply - best vitamins for fatigue


Bullet Multivitamin Complete


Key Benefits:

Benefit - Increased Energy Levels

Increased Energy Levels

Being constantly fatigued may be due to insufficient Vitamin B12 levels, Magnesium and/ or Iodine deficiency. Bullet Multivitamin contains a potent amount of B12 necessary to restore, balance and renew your body’s energy levels. In addition to Vitamin B12, Bullet Multivitamin also contains ample amounts of Magnesium and Iodine that help in energy creation. Bullet Multivitamin will transform your body into a fatigue fighting machine. Your energy levels will soar!

Benefit - Mental Clarity - Less Fatigue

Pinpoint Mental Focus

Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex (B1/Thiamine, B2/Riboflavin, B3/Niacin B5/Pantothenic Acid, B6/Pyridoxine, B12), Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Folate, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium and Zinc are ALL essential to maintain and support brain health. Bullet Multivitamin contains all these vitamins and minerals and it will fuel your brain resulting in increased mental clarity and acuity. You will be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

Benefit - Improved Sleep - Less Fatigue

Improved Sleep

Your inability to fall asleep and stay asleep at night may be due to fatigue, anxiety and falling asleep during the day. Magnesium will help regulate your sleep, Potassium will help you sleep through the night and Vitamin D will keep you from falling asleep during the day. Since all these are present in Bullet Multivitamin, Bullet Multivitamin will fight the fatigue, enhance your mood and energize your body during the day giving you a better quality of sleep and rest at night.

Benefit - Immune Booster and Less Fatigue

Immune Booster

Poor nutrition, stress and fatigue all increase your chances of getting sick as they take toll on your body and your immune system. Vitamin C tops the list of immune boosting vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, E, D as well as minerals Zinc, Selenium and copper will also give your immune system an added boost. All these are present in Bullet Multivitamin.

Benefit - Appetite Suppression

Appetite Suppressant

Vitamin B-6, Thiamin, Niacin as well as Vitamin C play an important role in appetite control. Low levels of Vitamin D may lead to a higher appetite. Bullet Multivitamin will replenish these key nutrients to help curb your appetite and control your hunger. You will no longer crave to eat constantly and you will stay fuller longer.

Benefit - Relieve Stress - Less Fatigue

Relieve Stress

Poor diet and lack of exercise increases the body’s stress levels. Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), is nicknamed “the anti-stress vitamin.” With more than 100% of the DV, Bullet Multivitamin will energize you and provide key nutrients the body needs to withstand and defend itself against the effects of stress.


as seen on tv - vitamins for fatigue


As a Software Developer, I get mentally drained and burnt out. I was on a very stressful project that was at the risk of failing if I couldn't fix my issue. A friend told me about this product, I took it one day and went to bed waking up as a new person - Thank You!

Mr. Britmore

Exercise is an important part of my life but it usually drains me. Before, a 30 min workout in the gym and my energy would be spent. Now I say Bring it On!

George Raton

I used to fall asleep on my job as a security guard, I was told if I continue to fall asleep I would be fired. I have never fallen asleep on the job after taking BMV.


I thought this was going to be a quick fix with a subsequent crash like most energy drinks.  It turned out to be anything but.  I stopped taking them for 6 months and my energy levels were right where they are suppose to be. This is Amazing.


The Body Can Heal Itself!

Bullet Multivitamin Complete contains a special blend of essential vitamins your body needs to function correctly - with over 29 key ingredients to help you look and feel like yourself again. Watch This Video.

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True Story:

jeff- true story of best vitamins for fatigue

My name is Jeff and this is my story. 

At age 25 I found myself suffering from a lack of energy, chronic fatigue and an inability to properly focus on anything. At the time, I knew something was wrong but I just couldn't put my finger on it.  Why am I always this tired? 

Naturally, I decided to pay a visit to my doctor and expressed to her that I was always tired, fatigued and lacking in energy.  She thought, much like I did, that I was too young to be experiencing these symptoms. So a complete blood work was ordered.

After about a week of waiting, my doctor asked me to return to her practice to discuss the results. "Great News! Your results are all normal."  Disappointed, I asked.  "Then why do I always feel tired?" She Replied: "You are most likely highly stressed, and in need of some down time along with exercise". 

Taking my doctor’s advice, I joined the gym and started exercising. At first, I felt great! I could focus and my energy seemed to have increased. Unfortunately, this was short-lived. And in-fact, I was even more tired than when I started. This clearly was not the answer.

Over the next few years, I tried therapy, Yoga, a multitude of vitamins and supplements with no luck.

At thirty, I was now depressed and tired all the time. I thought this must be what it's like to be old. I was also suffering with migraines, more fatigue and I could only work or exercise for very short periods. My joints were inflamed and it was painful even to walk. And having a regular job was hard, even unbearable at times - Usually by end of day Tuesday, my energy was spent and the rest of the week was torture to get through.  Most weekends I laid in bed trying to recover for Monday.

Frustrated, I decided to take matters into my own hands. And with the little energy I had, I started doing research online. Rightfully so, many people pointed out that I could have a vitamin deficiency. Of course, I didn't want to believe that my lack of energy, tiredness and fatigue could be attributed a vitamin deficiency. After all, I had already tried an array of vitamins that work.

Curiously, I decided to investigate more about the key nutrients that are commonly depleted that could result in tiredness and fatigue.  That's when I discovered Bullet Multivitamin Complete and ordered my first bottle.

A few days later, not feeling perfect, I noticed that my energy, my mental clarity improved and I felt little fatigue. I thought it was a mere coincidence that after taking Bullet Multivitamin I began to feel better so soon.  

But as the days and weeks passed, as I continue to take Bullet Multivitamin Complete, my whole life changed. I was no longer tired, I can work a full days shift without being completely drained.  By now my energy had skyrocketed and I felt stronger. My memory and clarity/focus also dramatically improved. Even my skin began to glow. Consequently, I looked years younger. And for the first time in a long while I felt normal.  What a feeling!

Today, five years later, I have never been healthier.  Bullet Multivitamin Complete changed my life - Completely. 



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